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You Need Python!

There many great reasons to learn Python programming and Computer Science.. Use our courses, tutoring and and lessons to get ahead of the game - whether your goal is to advance your career in software development, to pass an exam, or simply to learn programming for your own enjoyment.


Be the future

The future possibilities for people with Python Programming and Computer Science skills are unlimited, and these skills are only going to become more important. Computers are everywhere, so understanding them puts you in charge of your world.

Python programming is the future


Further your career

HIgh level computing skills are essential in a wide range of professions, from astronomy to financial analysis – not just in IT related jobs!

Learn Python Programming to advance your career


Make an impact

Studying Python Programming and Computer Science empowers you to solve complex, challenging problems, enabling you to make a positive difference in the world.

Learn Python and Computer Science at Compucademy


Choose your lifestyle

Computing jobs often come with high salaries.
There are many opportunities for travel and/or remote working for people with high-level computing skills, and Python is currently one of the most in-demand programming languages there is!

Learn Python programming and Computer Science


Train your mind

Computer programming is one of the best ways to develop high-level problem solving skills which are applicable across many domains, and will supercharge your success in any field.
Studying Python Programming and Computer Science can significantly improve performance in other academic subjects.

Python programming and Computer Science resources


Learn at your own pace

Take your Python programming skills to the next level with our professionally authored and recorded video courses.

Python courses learn Python programming at own pace


Get free resources

We have some great free resources to inspire you and deepen your understanding of Python programming. For example, learn Python Tkinter GUI Programming with a sample application that will kick-start your Tkinter Skills.

Python programming free resources

Feedback from our courses

Robin went above and beyond before our lesson to prepare the code I needed for my project and to help me walk through it in a clear and concise manner. Thanks! - Sam Lefkofsky

Having lessons with Robin was very valuable. I hadn’t made up my mind about whether to pursue Computer Science as a career, but Robin’s inspiring teaching helped me to decide. – Chaozy Zhu

Rather than merely focusing on GCSE outcomes, Robin is able to engender an interest in the subject, through clever and individualised techniques that both promote curiosity and problem solving. As a result the GCSE will be a doodle - Dr Colin Doctor

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