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Python EBooks

Python OOP Ebook
Python Object Oriented Programming Quick Start Guide

Discover the power of object oriented programming with Python.

Python Snake Game Ebook
Coding the Classic Snake Game with Python Ebook

Learn how to program the classic Snake Game using Python. Detailed instructions and source code provided for all stages.

Python Courses on LinkedIn Learning by Compucademy

Python Data Structures and Algorithms video course
Python Data Structures and Algorithms Video Course

A thorough and fun-packed exploration of algorithms and data structures with Python

Python recursion course
Python Recursion Video Course

A deep dive into the concepts, techniques, and applications of recursion using Python

Python Video Course on 2d lists game project
2d Lists in Python – A Game Based Project

A fun course to learn about the important 2d list data structure in Python

Recommended Books on Python and Computer Science

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions
Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

A fantastic book illustrating how concepts from the field of Computer Science can be applied to everyday life to solve real-world problems 

Soft Skills Book - John Sonmez
Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual by John Sonmez

Level up you life in areas which often get neglected when we focus on the technical aspects of our careers

learn python 3 the hard way
Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

A quirky and thorough guide to Python 3 programming from beginner to intermediate level

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Free Python Learning Resources

Learn Python programming and Computer Science Online With Expert Tutor
Ultimate Guide to Free Python Resources for Beginners

The best online resources available for Python beginners

Computer Science Teaching Resources

Python modulo operator
Modulo Operator Lesson and Worksheet

A detailed lesson on the modulo operator, complete with Python code, worksheets and solutions

Little Man Computer Programming Teaching Pack
Little Man Computer Programming Teaching Pack

Low Level Programming for a model of the Von Neumann CPU. Exercises, solutions and many LMC code examples

Character Sets - ASCII and Unicode for Computer Science GCSE and A Level
ASCII and Unicode for GCSE and A Level Computer Science

Thorough coverage of the ASCII and Unicode Character Sets. Practice activities, an ASCII conversion table and Python code examples