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Video courses are an excellent way to develop your Python programming skills. They provide an immersive experience that allows you to make use of multiple learning modalities at the same time. They give you control of your learning experience and can be viewed pretty much anywhere, making them a very flexible way to learn.

However, the courses available are of variable quality, and it can be hard to know which ones will provide value for money and an effective and enjoyable learning experience. Some of the factors which will determine whether a particular course is right for you are:

  • Quality of visual material
  • Production quality
  • Personality of instructor
  • Value for money
  • Appropriate level
  • Is the course engaging?
  • Practice exercises to check understanding an consolidate learning
  • Source code provided

What Learners have said about my Python Video Courses

Awesome instructor. The small side lessons are fantastic. Watched the segments several times to catch everything. Extremely useful.

Absolutely loved the style of delivery and the content.

Even for the seasoned tutor, this would be a fun refresher. For beginners an absolute recommendation.

Highly recommended. Algorithms are taught well with clear explanations. Hope for more such content by Robin. Cheers!

Very well thought out examples that get you into coding with Python and thinking about data structures and algorithms.

Compucademy Python Video Courses on LinkedIn Learning

I started making video courses for LinkedIn Learning back in 2019. Working with such a professional outfit is very rewarding and the result provides many benefits for learners. While I personally design the courses and create the content, there is a whole team involved in bringing the end result to you. For example, behind the scenes of each of my courses, there are the following highly skilled professionals:

  • Content manager
  • Producer
  • Graphics design team
  • Audio engineering team
  • Testers

Please note the links for the following courses are sponsored, meaning I receive a commission for sales at no extra cost to yourself.

Python Data Structures and Algorithms Video Course

Python algorithms and data structures video course

Python Data Structures and Algorithms video course

This popular course (40,000+ learners) teaches you about data structures and algorithms in Python in a fun and accessible way. There is a GUI based maze game for exploring topics such as

  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Priority Queues
  • depth-first search,
  • breadth-first search,
  • and the A-star (A*) algorithm

and plenty of exercises and review activities, with all source code provided.

Algorithmic Thinking with Python: Foundations Video Course

Algorithmic Thinking with Python - Foundations Video Course

An introduction to algorithmic thinking with Python. Only basic knowledge of Python needed. Develop you algorithmic thinking through puzzles and programming activities.

  • Brute force algorithms
  • Tracing and debugging algorithms
  • Time complexity of algorithms
  • Decrease and conquer strategy
  • Greedy algorithms

Algorithmic Thinking with Python: Diving Deeper Video Course

Algorithmic Thinking with Python - Diving Deeper Video Course

Take your algorithmic thinking to the next level with the second part in my algorithmic thinking course. This course builds on the learning from Algorithmic Thinking with Python: Foundations Video Course.

Some topics covered:

  • Hash tables
  • Divide and conquer
  • Transform and conquer
  • Dynamic programming

Python Recursion Video Course

Need help understanding recursion with Python? Take a deep dive into the concepts, techniques, and applications of recursion using Python in this fun and accessible course.

Python Recursion Video Course

Python Recursion Video Course

Python Turtle Graphics Fractal H-Tree Level 1

Python 2d Lists Video Course

2D Lists – A surprisingly important skill for Python programmers. A Fun, project-based course available on LinkedIn Learning.

Python 2d Lists Video Course

Building the Classic Snake Game with Python Video Course

If you are a fan of Python Turtle Graphics, check out my course on LinkedIN Learning

Take a break from the serious stuff and have some fun!

Data Visualization in Python with Dash Video Course

Learn how to build powerful data visualisations with Python and Dash

Getting the Most from a Python Video Course

Once you have decided on a course to take, there’s a few things to consider to help you get the most from it.

  • Only use what you need – skip ahead or repeat sections as needed
  • Do the practice exercises. You can’t learn to drive by reading a manual.
  • Download the source code, explore it, make changes, and write your onw code based on it.
  • Type along with the instructor if that works for you.

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