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This post is a work in progress where I will collect pedagogical tips about teaching Computer Science distilled from my 15+ years’ teaching experience. They are phrased as advice to teachers, but apply equally well to learners.

Computer Science Pedagogy Tips

  1. Don’t teach two new topics at the same time when they are similar to each other. It will often make learning each one much harder as details of each will be conflated in the mind of learner.

  2. Use visualization tools wherever possible.

  3. Writing code is the best way for students to learn to write code.

  4. Encourage a positive attitude towards failure.

  5. Teach about basic testing early on.

  6. Keep it practical wherever possible – e.g. when learning SQL, have students execute SQL statements on a real database.

  7. Whiteboards are a great tool for exploring algorithms.

  8. Don’t downplay the importance of Mathematics in learning Computer Science.

  9. If it can’t be tested, don’t teach it.

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