Why Study Computer Science at GCSE?

When it comes to the time to choose subjects for you or your child’s GCSEs in years 10-11, you might well wonder if GCSE Computer Science is the right option. Below are some of the reasons why studying Computer Science at GCSE can be the doorway to a great future.

Reasons to study GCSE Computer Science

  • Studying Computer Science empowers you to solve complex, challenging problems, enabling you to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Computing jobs often come with high salaries.
  • Computing skills are essential in a wide range of professions, from astronomy to financial analysis – not just in IT related jobs!
  • There are many opportunities for travel and/or remote working for people with high-level computing skills.
  • Studying Computer Science can significantly improve performance in other academic subjects.
  • The future possibilities for people with Computer Science skills are unlimited, and these skills are only going to become more important.
  • Computers are everywhere so understanding them puts you in charge of your world.

Here at Compucademy we provide everything you or your child needs to succeed in Computer Science GCSE. We have video courses, downloadable lessons, and tuition available, as well as detailed blog posts and videos covering all aspects of the Computer Science curriculum.

The percentage of students sitting GCSE computer science increased […] from 12.1% in 2017 to 12.4% of all GCSE students in 2018. The Roehampton annual computing education report

The uptake and provision for Computer Science at GCSE is still rather small, but is gradually improving. Given the enormous benefits of studying this topic, and the relative scarcity of Computer Science skills resulting from the UK’s slow start, there is even more opportunity for students taking the subject at this time.

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