Little Man Computer - Multiplication

We recently looked at how to do multiplication using the Little Man Computer instructions. It will help with what we are about to do if you have read and understood that article. A key concept from that article was the need to be very clear about the different roles played by the multiplier and the multiplicand. A similar distinction is needed with division. We have the dividend, which is the number to be divided, and the divisor, which is the number we are dividing by. In our program, we will repeatedly subtract the divisor, keeping track of how many times we do so, until we reach zero. For now we will only use numbers where the divisor is a factor of the dividend (i.e. it “goes into” the dividend exactly). Here is our pseudocode:

The Little Man Computer instructions are below, along with comments. Try to understand exactly what each line does and how. If you get stuck, let me know in the comments and I’ll try and help. There is a great LMC simulator available here: Little Man Computer for you to use. Enjoy!

Little Man Computer Programming Teaching Pack for Computer Science GCSE and A Level

You can check out a great resource for teaching or learning about Little Man Computer Programming by clicking here or on the image below.

Little Man Computer Programming Teaching Pack

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