Looking for fun challenges to sharpen your Python coding skills?

Codewars is the site for you!


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to work on, even though you really want to do some coding. Codewars provides a structured way to practice your skills with a huge collection of graded challenges. This is an excellent way to focus your mind, rally your knowledge and solve interesting and satisfying coding problems set by others in a supportive online community.

There are several languages available so even though you probably will want to focus on Python if you are a Computer Science student, there is the opportunity to try your hand at PHP, JavaScript, Ruby or Java as well as several other languages.

Each problem is referred to as a kata, which is a term from martial arts training meaning a form or practice routine. The purpose of the katas is the same as in martial arts: to focus, practice and improve your skill level.

For those who thrive on mental challenge and problem solving, these katas are genuinely fun and compelling. Strongly recommneded!

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