“Our 13 year old daughter has been tutored by Robin for several months now and we have found the Skype lessons provide an excellent interactive learning platform. Robin’s style of teaching is engaging and constructive and he has managed to make maths fun. He has created a confident learning atmosphere that has put our daughter at ease with a subject that she did not enjoy. Robin has tailored the learning to cover the relevant areas for our daughter and his supportive style ensures that he never makes her feel bad if she makes a mistake. Robin encourages our daughter to achieve higher limits without creating pressure, therefore retaining her interest and even during this short tutor time, her confidence has rapidly increased.” – H. K, The Hague

“I never thought I’d find Maths fun instead of terrifying.” – Jemma, Maths GCSE Student

<"We are really glad we found Robin. Our son in year 8 was totally lacking in confidence when it came to Maths. Robin has given him a new positive attitude towards the subject and he is no longer scared of it! He now approaches all areas of the subject with a 'can do' attitude. In addition he has jumped a whole level in Maths in a term. We will continue to employ Robin to help consolidate school lessons, clear up any confusion or fill the gaps as he continues through secondary school. It has been worth every penny" – Portia Spooner, TV food stylist

“When my daughter started learning with Robin, she was very unconfident and really struggled with her maths. Over the course of a few months this changed completely and now she finds maths relatively easy, and even seems to enjoy it. Robin is friendly and communicates well with my daughter, making her feel at ease while learning. ” – Meredith, OU student and parent