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Take your Python Skills to the next level with out FREE Python object oriented programming email course. The course consists of 8 lessons delivered to your inbox, complete with thorough explanations, code samples and exercises for you to complete to practice your new skills.

Object Oriented Programming is an essential skill for any serious Python programmer, and this course takes you from the very basics through to advanced topics.

In this course we will cover some of the most important concepts and techniques of OOP in Python:

- Terminology related to Object Oriented Programming in Python
- Defining you own classes with the data and behaviour you want
- Creating objects from classes
- Understanding methods and attributes
- Encapsulation and data hiding
- Getters and setters
- Class inheritance
- Polymorphism

The course is created by Expert Python Instructor and Course Author Robin Andrews. Robin is a Python course Author for LinkedIn Learning and has published several successful Python video courses there. He is also a qualified instructor who teaches Python to students around the world.

This email course is completely FREE with, so you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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