Little Man Computer Programming Teaching Pack for Computer Science GCSE and A Level


Low Level Programming for a model of the Von Neumann CPU

Specification references

Knowledge of Little Man Computer programming is either required for or supportive of the following Computer Science GCSE and A Level specification references.

OCR A Level

1.2.4 Types of Programming Language – read, write, trace and amend programs written in the Little Man Computer language

Cambridge Assessment International Education AS/A2

CAIE have their own assembly language instruction set which differs from LMC in a small ways. However LMC is a good staring point for learning this slightly more complex instruction set.

Eduqas GCSE

Section 7 The characteristics and purpose of high-level and low-level languages


  • 1.1 Von Neumann architecture
  • 2.5 Low level languages

Topics covered by this resource

  • The LMC instruction set
  • Running an LMC program in a simulator
  • Working with input and output
  • Using the accumulator
  • Addition and subtraction with LMC
  • Storing and loading values from RAM
  • Working with labels for memory addresses
  • Using DAT to store data
  • Branching
  • Writing programs to solve problems in LMC

Contents of this resource

  • In-depth presentation on Little Man Computer Programming in .pptx format
  • PDF version of the presentation
  • Exercises and challenge for students
  • Code for all examples in the presentation
  • Challenge solution code
  • Supplementary LMC programs
  • Detailed annotations for many of the LMC programs provided

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